1. When was the last county created in North Carolina, and what is its name?

2. When did the Board of County Commissioners replace the appointed Justices of the Peace as the administrators of county government?

3. Which of the following is not subject to the property tax?

    a. Home
    b. Automobile
    c. Stocks
    d. Land

4. True or false: The county commissioners appoint the members of the Board of Education.

5. Which percentage of North Carolinians live in a county?

    a. 100 percent
    b. 50 percent
    c. 30 percent

6. What is the largest source of revenue for counties?

    a. Property taxes
    b. Sales taxes
    c. Parking fines

7. True or false: Counties must set their property tax rate and adopt their budgets by June 1 of each year.

8. True or false: Counties are required to run public libraries.

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